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I happen to like this game, you know. Not in an objective sense, but in the sense that it was made at all. Who better else to make it but you? Kratzen gave it 3/5 stars, with some criticism I wrote. But I cannot let this discourage you from continuing to create.

One thing I didn’t mention is the character designs. They’re effortlessly good, very simple and functional, which are a bunch of traits I like. I can tell you enjoy what you make, and I must tell you to continue making it.

The game is awesome! Congats on you first Ren'Py game :)

Your art and GUI design are very cute, I just loved them! <3 As about storytelling - personally I don't mind it being linear. It's how detective stories work, isn't it? :)

I'm looking forward to your new stories with Darcy and Lester! (I hope there will be more ^-^)

aah thank you for the nice words!! i'm glad you liked it!

i wasn't too worried about the game being as linear as it is, but i figured i'd let people know what to expect anyway. there are probably less linear ways of telling this kinda story that are worth exploring, though. maybe in future installments! (which i'm definitely interested in making at some point)

That's great to hear!

*sending inspiration and support waves*